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QOL Legendary armor


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I can actually get behind that. It would be a nice workaround and might not be as hard on the coding than actual build templates. Something that changes the UI from:

  • a
  • b
  • c
  • d
  • ...


  • fav1

  • fav2

  • fav3

  • a

  • b

  • d

  • e

About "just use a 3rd party program and abandon all hope": Yes you are right. I could just use said program and would probably be fine. But I don't want to and I think I shouldn't have to. The 3rd party program only proves that it's possible and that should make ANet implement it in their own game instead of relying on an independant developper. I know, like it is now, they don't have to cae about it. Any bugs in said program are none of ANets concern and business, they said it's ok if you use it but don't hope on getting anything back that gets deleted in the process or whatever. If they implemented it themselves, it would need to be perfect and the recent change to legendary weapons gives me confidence that ANet is still working on it. I'm not using the 3rd party program for one major resaon: the more ppl give zp and settle for that solution, the less Anet is pressured to finally implement it themselves.

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