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UI Elements rapidly swapping

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When running the game in Windowed Fullscreen or Window mode, with a high enough resolution, UI elements will rapidly swap between each other whilst attempting to update. For example, whilst being affected by Might and having an event timer active, whenever the timer ticks, it'll quickly swap with the number of might stacks for a brief moment before correcting itself. When having many different similar elements on screen at once, it becomes hard to use.

This issue, however, only seems to be happening whilst in those two modes and if the resolution is high enough. Using the application in Fullscreen (regardless of resolution) or with a low enough resolution (such as 1280x720), the issue will not occur. This issue happens after reinstalling the game, and after using the build in repair client. The issue does not always happen immediately when launching the game, but typically occurs within a few minutes of using abilities.

The image posted shows the bug occurring. Unfortunately, it's difficult to capture the bug via screenshot, due to the rapid nature of the bug. However, the screenshot demonstrates the bug affecting the HP as well the bloodlust buff above the ability bar.

- This link is for a video of the error occurring on the Character Select menu and demonstrates the effects of this issue between different resolutions and screen modes, as well as system specs.PwGW2qL.jpg
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