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Organised Tier 4 Verdant Brink?

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@Generalissimo.8602 said:Does anyone regularly organise Tier 4 Verdant Brink runs? I need it for my Magister's Pack collection and it's a bit too time consuming to want to risk only hitting 3.5 again with random groups.

Check the LFG. Or start your own. There are some guides available (a few on the forums, too, I think).

The main 'tricks' are:

  • Organize early.
  • Do not have tags: people tend to converge on commanders/mentors, which is the opposite of what's needed.
  • Organize people into small parties of 2-3, at each supply camp.
  • The general pattern is: defend events, run supply, defend, supply, until the bosses show up.

The easiest run I ever saw was from a guild that does it (or used to anyhow) every weekend. They used several squads to divide up the map, with each commander ensuring that their share of camps were well defended. It was super smooth.Another easy run was strictly PUG. 4-5 people explaining ahead of time what needed to happen and asking for volunteers in /map to go to specific locations.

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