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Arura Holosmith Bug?

Sons Of Thunder.9156

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So I created an asura Holosmith and I noticed that when casting Photon Blitz in Photon Forge, the projectiles shoot upward at an angle (steeper angle when closer to the target). I don't know if it is the same for all character types or is it because my character is shorter than my target. This becomes a problem after I gather up the mobs and cast Photon Blitz and it only hits the first 1 or 2 mobs and miss the rest because its shooting up. Is this working as intended or is it a bug specifically on really short characters?(This is my first post and I'm not sure where this is suppose to go under)

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It's probably because your character is shorter than the target. Projectiles in this game originate from your character's center of mass, which means asura have an issue where their projectiles are more likely to hit the ground (due to the ground being in the way), and norn are the least likely to have projectiles hitting the ground (high clearance). Charr, Humans, and Sylvari have roughly similar centers of mass.

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