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LFG PvE/etc casual/social LGBT West Coast


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Not sure what else to say but I'm looking for a LGBT or LGBT-friendly guild to experience the game with. I'm not too big on PvP but I'm not against it either. I have many years playing various MMOs dating back to 2005 with EQ1 and WoW. I mostly play later in the night & on weekends since I am attending school and that's when I'm free to play more often than not. I'm looking for a guild to run stuff with. This could be fractals, dungeons, or even just going around getting hero points from the two expansion zones (or any of the other zones). I have both PoF and HoT. I have a healing ranger and dps ranger both at 80 and several others under 35. Either shoot me an invite or message in game if you want to discuss things or reply here too. Thanks!

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