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This guide is for experienced fractal people. If you are not in this case, go here :


In this specialized guide for top-level fractals, we suppose that you already know the strategies.We also suppose that you know your class, your gameplay and the best team combinations.In addition, this guide is more about level 4 ("T4" or "Tier 4": levels 76 to 100).If you want to find out about the meta, some websites like metabattle may be useful.Finally, for my level, I finished all fractal achievements in 8 months (I did not play every day).

Therefore, here are the different points to discuss (Ad Infinitum is excluded because it does not always concern the high level) :

  • The Masteries
  • Daily Achievements
  • Instabilities
  • Potions
  • CM Fractals

Additional information: 150 is the required minimum of agony resistance to make all fractals.


You will need a total of 11 Red Mastery points (from Tyria) to get all Fractal Affinity Mastery.Remember to have them unlocked before going into fractals, this will allow you to have bonus rewards !In addition, the singularity of mistguard will increase your chances of survival and give you +5 resistance to agony !The effect of the potions will also be improved ! Masters at the highest level are almost indispensable !!!The masteries require the extension "Heart Of Thorns" to be unlocked !


Every day, there are daily achievements of fractals. In total, there are 3 fractals daily to do and 3 recommended.To put it simply, the recommended ones are precise levels (example: to do the fractal 7, the 28 and the 64).The recommended fractals are 3 distributed fractals like this: 1 T1 fractal, 1 T2 fractal and 1 T3 fractal.But for the other daily fractals, it is the fractals (maps) that are concerned, not the levels !Example: Daily Nightmare Level 4 + Daily Level 4 of the Etherlame Fractal + Daily Level 4 of the Chaos Fractal (level 4 means T4)Important note: Completing these fractals daily at level 4 will give you the daily achievements of the lower levels !So you only have to make these fractals once in T4 (provided you finish it) to get 4 daily achievements in 1 fractal !In this case, if you can, by doing only 6 fractals, you will have all the daily achievements of the day.

Tips:Make all the daily fractals directly at the highest level for maximum rewards and all daily achievements (or minimum T4).When you are doing groups LFG, remember to put "recs and levels" or "all T4 dailies" to tell your group that you want to make a maximum !The chests of daily achievements will allow you to enrich yourself a little more, do not forget it and keep your keys for the "Encoding Fractals" !Clean your inventory regularly!Check for fractal map selections if there is a logo indicating daily success !!!


Instabilities are an additional difficulty depending of the level.In each fractal, there is 1 instability at level 2, 2 instabilities for level 3 and finally 3 for level 4.Here is the list :

  • affliction (enemies apply random alterations)
  • we have nothing without harm (the enemies receive alterations when you hit them)
  • Adrenaline rush (enemies rage when their health is low)
  • awkwardness in society (You suffer the agony and damage of nearby allies when attacking enemies)
  • cut-throat (lower is your health, more slowly you move)
  • Justiciers of the fractals (When you are on the ground, a Justicer will appear and inflict damage, the only possibility that it leaves, it is to eliminate it)
  • Convergence of mists (Monsters of other fractals will appear suddenly and attack you, they will eventually disappear after a while)
  • Toxic track (The enemies leave a trail of poison behind them and close to them, be careful not to be too close to them ! )
  • Last burst of laughter (A bomb explodes about 2 seconds after the death of an enemy)
  • Flow bomb (Periodically, a bomb of the anomaly will be attributed to you, it will explode about 10 seconds after leaving an AOE inflicting agony damage)

Tips: You can choose which fractal to do for daily achievements based on instabilities.Don't forget and memorize the animations !Take a class with appropriate skills if necessary !

POTIONS (+ Consumables)

 High-level fractals are quite challenging, so be prepared, and there may be help !Indeed, there are potions that the Dessa Alchemist sells to the Mist Zone before going on a fractal !For only a few silver coins and fractal relics, you can buy potions!There are 4 types of potions : Offensive potions, mobility, defense and agony potions !Small potions can stack up to a maximum of 5. Big potions will give you the power of 5 potions directly !With Potions, do not forget to buy level 80 consumables suitable for your class and your role !

Advice: Plan your potions in advance and always take potions as powerful as possible !Remember not to spend unnecessarily your fractal relics or the potions obtained by the chests !If you wish, you can be reimbursed by giving potions to get relics from the same merchant!You will be asked (almost) always to put your potions in the fractals T4 or CM, do not forget them!Potions are a great help, but they combine with food and utilities for improvements !

FRACTALS CM (Challenge Mot / Challenge Mode)

There are only 2 CM fractals : The Nightmare Fractal and the Fractal Shattered Observatory.If you manage to finish them (then already : GG!), You will get a title according to the map.The 99 CM (Nightmares) gives the title "The Impure" and the 100 CM gives : "The Archiconceptor"."Rising to the challenge" and "Spirit out of time" are also hidden achievements that you will have in this case, each one giving 5 points of achievements.

Note: The achievement of the 99CM also gives a chest with a nightmare weapon appearance to choose !Tip : For CM fractals, always think of these things : Potions, food, utility, good class composition, knowing strategy, CC and avoiding AOE !To activate fractals in this mode, you just have to start talking to a "challenge essence" and accept the challenge.Your group must accept the challenge to continue (remember to specify "CM" in group search).The maps do not change, but the strategies change and it becomes much more vigorous!Note: You can also make your daily achievements in CM if Nightmares or Shattered Observatory are in daily !

Summary of Strategies (BOSS):

99 CM:

  • The first boss is not complicated, you hit, you CC, you dodge the AOE and need heal globally.Remember to eliminate mechanical mobs if they are still here. There will be before the fight of the boss anyway.
  • The second boss, he will have to dps quickly and especially CC before his mega AOE when he holds a giant ball above him !WARNING : Hallucinations can damage you and explode if they hit you, run and dodge!You have to do this several times, then continue doing damage, heal and CC. Be careful too, he can charge (an arrow will appear on the ground) !
  • The third boss: No really differences, a bit like normal 99 in fact.Simply, he will be much more intensive and you will have less space to capture the orbs !

100 CM:

  • The first boss, he is like in 100 normal, except that this time he is faster and much more angry !If you have a dps of sh*t and you take too long to kill the anomalies, BIG AOE WHO OS and bye bye !
  • The second boss changes her name, she is called Artsariiv instead of Viirastra (this info changes the life, no ? ^^ )So same strategy as normal but accelerated, so must be very fast but also very tenacious.Also, do not forget that the special skill with the keyboard key ")" is used to avoid the wave it spreads !
  • The third boss: In the beginning, same strategy as 100 normal, no problems. Then, over time, the platforms disappear.

Sometimes, half of the platforms will disappear then it will be the other half to disappear afterwards. Sometimes it will be line by line.The changes are in order, so think to move. The special skill is very useful !

Last things : I remind you once again that it is in playing that you will learn the most !I hope I have been clear and understanding in my explanations.Feel free to share the guide to help people if you liked.If you think I have forgotten something, think about telling me, then I'll see if an addition is needed.For any questions, please send me a private message on the forum or post the question on this topic.

Thank you for reading this guide, I hope you find it useful !And do not forget, prepare your pots, your food pack and especially your brain before to challenge the fractals ! :smiley:

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