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Tech question: Fire combo damage value?


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A warrior lays down a fire field around a mob. A ranger fires and arrow into the mob. There is some burning damage due to the combo fire field being used, and is assessed as some magnitude for 1s duration. I'd like to know the magnitude.

From the wiki, I believe damage will be a base amount + some function of the conditional damage of one of the players. My question is do I use the conditional damage of the ranger who fired the arrow, (who has none, being berserker geared) or conditional damage of the warrior laid down the field and has high conditional damage as a condi bannerbot.

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That was my guess too, but thought to ask. Since the damage is basically trivial (~131) it means putting down a short duration fire field has to be judged on it's merits to the warrior's dps (vs alternatives to the skill cast) and not the group as a whole dps. Or, some other combo field would be better to start.

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