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[Suggestion] Guils Hall Portals (not the upgrade one)

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So, I've been exploring my Gilded Hollow hall (my friends and I have a small guild), and have been finding all this new cool places, but getting there is never easy, and some of my friends don't have mounts or things like that which makes it even harder.So I thought what could be a cool addition would be portals that you can put on your hall (just like you put decorations), so that you can fast travel to different custom locations.Maybe you want to make a racing track on the "desert" on the very top of the gilded hollow, and it would be cool to be able to fast travel to the beginning of the track.I can think of 3 ways this could be imlpemented:The harder ones would be either to be able to name each portal, and everytime you use one a list with all of the available portals (with their custom names) pop up, and you can just click any of them. Or every time you add a custom portal a WP appears on the map, and you can just click them as you would with any regular WP.The easier to implement way (less UI required) would be to just sell portals by pairs, and they are always linked to each other, so they just work by pressing F on the them as you would on a Mesmer portal, no UI required.Now, I know that the fact that this places are hard to get to is part of what makes them so cool, but I think this is something optional that each guild/leader can decide if they want to use or not. I know that I wouldn't use them all over the place, but I would definetly put a portal to some very cool place to make a racing track there. :)

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