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Getting the griffon mount after pof


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Hey guys I have completed the pof and now I wish to get the griffon mount, I found the last spearmarshal and received the spearmarshal’s plea.

Question here if I have 250gold ready, can I buy those mats and unlock the griffon mount immediately? Or do I still need to do some quests i.e collecting griffon eggs/ legendary bounty etc? Thanks

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Don't forget to use LFG for the boss kills, and tell people it's for the griffon collection, they're more likely to join if they know. (Edited to correct a weird typo, no idea what my phone changed to "more likely to die" but I meant join.)

For some (like the legendary facet) you might need to wait until bounties on that map are one of the dailies. Oh, and for all bounties make sure you get a group together before starting the bounty, otherwise there isn't time for people to come and help.

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