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Getting the griffon mount after pof


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Hey guys I have completed the pof and now I wish to get the griffon mount, I found the last spearmarshal and received the spearmarshal’s plea.

Question here if I have 250gold ready, can I buy those mats and unlock the griffon mount immediately? Or do I still need to do some quests i.e collecting griffon eggs/ legendary bounty etc? Thanks

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250g covers the purchaseables. You still need to gather the griffon eggs, do the Spearmarshal-tied events, then do the two solo-only final instances. However, you can do these with any character -- just make sure you've at least completed Path of Fire first. And for the eggs and taking on the final instance, you will need the Spearmarshal's Plea, as it saves you a trip through Brandstorm to the refuge in Vabbi, both for returning the eggs and to say you are ready to take your final task.

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