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New Year; Now can we have better character customization?

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When I log onto GW2 to see my array of characters, there is always something I am wanting to change physically about them.Whether it's adjustable cheekbones because X character would have cheekbones that could cut an ancient iceberg or adjustable hair length (Like what was available in the BETA)Maybe one of my sylvari would have two different colored eyes or my Elementalist would have a bare natural face but with a dark blue lipstick? Or just eyeliner that stretches across the brow?

There is something definitely lacking in the character customization of GW2.We have an array of hairstyles that are kind of lacking, hair colors, new and shared horn types. It's just, it's all very bland. For me it started when hairstyles and faces were either just reskins but labeled as "new hairstyles!" or "new beautiful looks!" which it was the same face but different texture on it. We haven't gotten a good set of faces or hairstyles since (aside from the gorgeous human face selections from PoF), but this is not just about that. It's about the lack of new things that could be added to improve a game that focuses mainly on Raids and PvE content and apparently, RP as well.

It's not that I'm ungrateful for what we do have, because that's not it.
New chair skins or new mount skins or a new harvesting tool skin to me is not a reason to get excited for new cosmetic content.

I have made countless threads just asking for new hairstyles, manes and beards that actually are beautiful/ awesome. I have even provided drawn samples-- all starting after PoF content released and humans received Elonian based faces/ hairs (GW1 had a better selection) At some point I thought someone was listening. Every other week I make a new thread in regards to new character customization content; how it could be improved and how we do not need 50 shades of blue for hair or eyes.

Out of this selection Which would you prefer? A new chair skin, New mount skin or New Hairstyles/ Beards/ Faces/ Adjustable makeup/ scars for all races/ tattoos for all races?

TL;DR - character customization is lacking

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At a guess...

The ability to adjust character appearances more has been discussed. However, that functionality would have had to have been put into the game's underpinnings while it was being created. Unfortunately, retrofitting the game to be able to offer that would be very time and resource intensive, and is thus way down on the priority list.

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I don't know how much effort and time does it take to make new face presets, hair styles, beards, etc for all races/genders,but I think most of people playing gw2 would be happy for new customization options.

It has been quite a long time since we got new faces/hairstyles/beards/etc in game.I don't mind giving e.g. more norn hairstyles/beards to humans and vice versa. Just more options for everyone.

It's sad to see e.g. 3 presets of human female faces all the time with little changes after 6 years.The more variety, the better.

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