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Ideas for the next "Expansion"


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Cantha Region

9 new specializations inspired in japanese culture (Samurai, Ninja...)

at least 2 new races (Tengu and Dwarves/Forgotten/Centaurs/Naga) without personal history, but with all old armors skins and all the wepons animations, making some animations exclusive as you already do.

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Why not?

Why not create a new Expansion being an Expansion with Leveling Maps. Instead of Anet create 4 to 6 new maps, to be played by 80 level characters, why not create 6 new maps (1-15, 15-25, 25-45, 45-60, 60-70, and 70-80), 3 new CORE (only) classes (1 Light, 1 Medium, 1 Heavy), 2 or 3 new races (Tengu, Rapier... whatever), a new personal history (level 1 to 80) (No Zhaitan, Mordrem. or Krakat. dragon)... as if a brand new game. The players could only use the other/older characters in those new scenarios after they, with a new char, finished the new Personal Story.

To big? is not great idea? U prefer 5 new 80-Level Maps + new masteries blahblahblah?

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