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A lack of communcation in the newer content?


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I've recently come to notice quite often that people on the new maps are surprisingly unlikely to communicate when important events are starting or when groups are going for bounties and other group events. It has started to annoy me quite a bit as this behaviour wasn't around in previous content, from which I remember people calling out when they did group orientated things like, in classic, the bandit bounties, or for example hero points in HoT. When there'd be a commander people would call out to join and help, since all gained from succeeding together.

I wonder, why is it, that this has changed? Is there reason to do the content in PoF as a (more) closed group, or is it just paranoia making me feel like exclusive groups going for bounties there is a thing? Why not just announce to others, especially if those others ask specifically what a tag is doing, that there is group activity that could be joined?We're all here for fun, playing together can be more enjoyable than alone and it's always nice to find a group doing these things.

The open world events being accessible to all around, with no repercussions for others intervening in an event, was always a good factor of GW2 to me, and before I came to the PoF content I always felt like people accepted any help they could get, pretty much always pointing out when anything of interest came up, so that others may participate as well.

Some may say, "just join the tag" - but without knowing what they are going for, that just isn't something I'd do. And why join someone who doesn't say a word?

Overall I felt like people were less likely to answer when questions were asked in map chat. Some even were more inclined to make rude replies instead.Yes, I know, it's the holidays and all, ... but still, it can't just be me who feels like this?Is there something I'm missing here, as the difference between the old content and the new content? Anything that makes playing in closed groups more ... well, worth it?

Maybe some can take this as a reminder that being helpful doesn't hurt anyone.We're all playing this game together after all, so let's at least keep the open world content a friendly and welcoming part of the game.To all who already follow that thought: thank you! And of course, happy new year!

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