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[EU] Veteran player looking to team up with a new player

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Heya! I'm Shady and I've been playing for a long while now. Currently I prefer to run guild-less, doing my instanced content with pugs. I play PvE pretty much exclusively these days. To elaborate on what I mean by 'veteran player': have both expansions, almost 5k hours clocked, 20k+ AP. It's safe to say that I know the ins and outs of this game. =)

Because I am getting bored occasionally, I'd like to do a bit of mentoring for a new player trying to get into Guild Wars 2. I'd love to run metas with you and explain the content, I'll replay the story with you and help you get achievements, we can do map completion and learn new classes and eventually I can help you get into high end content (fractals and raids). If you need a hand with your ascended equipment, I can help you out with mats and show you where to get everything you need.

The only thing I would like to ask in return is that you are somewhat committed, eg play a few hours on at least one or two days a week (preferrably in the evening and up till midnight and later). It'd be great if you already had a level 80 character and both expansions plus Living Story seasons. You have to be able to communicate fluently in English. And please bring a certain level of maturity and humour. <3

We'll use the ingame chat but perhaps I'm up for Discord voice chat later on as well!

My IGN: Shadea.6251

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