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Cannot equip endless common clothing tonic

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I recently picked up the above tonic from the black lion guy who gives them out to old players, but I cannot equip it in the Tonic slot of the novelties section of the hero panel. It does not appear in the available box nor does the option to equip appear from right clicking the item itself. And yes, I have signed out and back into the account since acquiring it. How can I do this? Is this intentional?

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@"phs.6089" said:it's outfit now, right click-add to wardrobe.

You have to trade it in to one of the vendors for an item that makes it available as an outfit. You want the "Black Lion Exchange Specialist," located in all the major cities and VIP lounges. In Div Reach, they are located in the Dwayna High Road area (south broadstreet, near the exit to Queensdale).

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