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Question about DPS numbers


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Hello all, I have been playing around with both Daredevil and Deadeye specs lately, both running power builds, and I am curious about what seems like low numbers I am seeing with ArcDPS. In open world solo play, single target I am seeing between 4-6k for power staff daredevil and 5.5-8k for power rifle deadeye (no food, stones etc.) I am following the rotations from metabattle and snowcrows (not seeing a variation from either, but still check to make sure one hasn't changed), geared with stats they both recommend and yet I see the raid numbers logged on GW2 Raidar being double to triple on bosses, if not more in some cases.

I am sure having more boons from a group and self buffs has some to do with that, but it makes me question how much do group boons and self buffs actually inflate the numbers. Would any raiders playing either of those builds let me know if those numbers are low or average for solo open world play? This would help me gauge if i still have some work to figure out or if with group boons and food/stone I wouldn't be a hindrance at least DPS-wise to a raid.

FYI - for gear I am in full exotics for both builds, except daredevil I do have an ascended staff. Just started a few weeks ago so working slowly at getting ascended gear.

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You shouldn't be testing with openworld, try on the golems or at least with food + buffs (alacrity/quickness mainly but also banners,fury, ranger spirits). Also keep in mind they have their rotations finetuned and using +5 stat infusions with legendary/ascended. In addition damage depends on target armor level.

Quickness is the main contributor since it halves activation time. I would say the best thing to do is upgrade your amulet and accessories first and get ascended rings with infusion slots as well (there can be up to 3 per ring) , provided you have an ascended weapon.

Full ascended berserker's is 2557 power when using scholar rune , which jumps to 2647 with +5 might infusions. Full exotic with an ascended weapon is 2335 power with a scholar rune. That's 10% difference roughly , before damage modifiers or the difference in critical damage percent. Keep in mind damage multipliers are multiplicative with respect to power, so for example with Bounding Dodger , that 10% is amplified by 10% and if you run Havoc Mastery another 7%.

I would do weapon + trinkets, then chest + leg in that order (roughly 50% of armor stats come from the chest+leg), with the boots/gloves plus headgear/shouldergear last.

Amulet: use the winterberries , use laurels or make Vial of Salt (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Vial_of_Salt)Rings: you can use laurels , use winterberries for one, or do fractals and spend the pristine fractal relics.Accessories: I would not use laurels + a bunch ectoplasms unless you are big on trading post flipping or plan to drop money on gems to gold.If accessories are an issue, I would look into using guild commendations for the accessories.


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Thanks for the response, I will check out the golems. I haven't intentionally tried to test my DPS yet, just observed what I was doing in solo play content and got curious on how those numbers get so much higher.

As for gearing I appreciate the advice. This is similar to what i had mapped out though I was not really sure about the best route to go for the amulet/rings/accessories so that helps.

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@sokeenoppa.5384 said:Without any group buffs your dps against golem should we something around 10k and with raid setup it should be around 35kDD that is^

How is 35k even possible? The highest I get on the golem is 20k with d/d DE... Granted I‘m not the best (didn’t focus on pve yet) and I’ve never raided before but when I watch streams like MightyTeapot the highest dps is 20k or lower (could be because of the raid boss or whatever, as I said I‘ve never raided before) so how do you get 35k?

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