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Dry Top confution #buried locked chests

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Has anybody ever found a buried locked chest in Dry Top during a sand storm? Are they relatively hard to find? Are they found in nooks and crannies, or out in the open? Also the lockpicks you buy, for the chests, are they suppose to show up in your inventory when you buy them? Cause mine don't. :'(

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They are everywhere during a sandstorm, in order to spot them better you can check the box in the settings menu to always hihglight interacteable objects or hold Left Alt (or whichever button you've set it to.

Most chests are easily accessible, while some require a few jumps to reach at worst. Just walking around "in the open" allows you to spot them, just traverse the map to find them (as they spawn outside where the storm is).

The lockpicks used to be put in your inventory, but with the big key-rework they now go into your wallet - when you've opened your inventory, press the little button down at the bottom left with the coins on it to see how many keys you got.

Happy hunting ^^

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