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These are some of the changes I'd like/want to see at some point this year.


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I was going to post this with the title - NECROMANCER CHANGES FOR JANUARY LEAKED - but I didn't want to risk click baiting it. Anyway, I've been thinking of ways to imporve traits, skills and the overall playability of this class by (mostly) moving things around. This is the only class I play and it has been a long year (2018) to read through what people want and what I've seen Anet change within last year. So, hopefully if not most but at least some changes would be great to see in the game. Hopefully you all agree but I'll try to reply to every constructive criticism I get.

1.The cast time of Scepter skill 2 (Grasping Dead) has been reduced from 3/4 to 1/2.

2.The first strike damage of Scepter skill 1 - Blood Curse - has been increase to 178 and is now instantly cast. In contrast the third attack - Putrid Curse - has been reworked: It will not apply poison and bleed to the enemy by default. Damage reduce to 124. It now corrupts a boon. Damage increase by 15%, if the target has no boons.

3.Activating Signet of Vampirism and Lesser Signet of Vampirism now grants Stability for 3 sec.

4.The cast time of Dagger off-hand skill 5 -Enfeebling blood- has been reduced from 3/4 to 1/2.

5.The effect of the trait - Unfoly Sanctuary - in the Death Magic trait-line has been reworked. When activated in low health, it does not regenerate health while in Shroud anymore, instead it heals you for a percentage. On exit, it consumes conditions currently on you and converts them to life force.

  • Healing: 30%.
  • Conditions consumed: 3
  • Life force per condition: 7%
  • The cooldown has been increased from 30 to 35

6.The trait - Transfusion - Shroud skill 4, will also transfer conditions from allies to you.

  • Conditions Transferred: 5
  • Number of Targets: 5
  • Radius: 600

7.The trait - Unholy Martyr - has been removed from the game, since its effects have been move to Unfoly Sanctuary and Transfusion.

8.New Trait (Martyr's Call) to replace Unholy Martyr: Reduces the cast time of all heals by 3/4 of a sec. Siphon health abilities (including life steal) are 50% more effective.

9.Deadly Strengh: The percentage of toughness to power has been increased from 7% to 12% while not in shroud. You don't get power from thoughness while in Shroud anymore. Instead, you now get passive life force regeneration while in combat.Life force per 3 seconds: 3%.

10.The Signet of Undead's passive does not regenerate life force while in combat anymore. It now grants Regen for 4 seconds to you and your allies when in combat. This happens every 8 seconds.

11.Spectral Armor: Retaliation has been added for 5 seconds.

12.The trait Speed of Shadows now grant 15 seconds of swiftness from 10 seconds.

13.Focus skill 4 (Reaper's touch) will travel faster to its first target.

14.New Corruption utility skill to replace Blood is Power:Weil for Blood Corruption/Drain life: Instead of you gettting life force when enemies die, your allies gain an aura for 8 sec. This aura heals your allies when a foe dies. This makes you vulnerable and weakened.

  • Self-Vulnerability: 4 seconds.
  • Self Weakness: 4 seconds.
  • Healing: 650 per dead.
  • Number of allies with aura: 3 allies.
  • Up to 3 heals per ally.
  • Healing scales base on your healing power.
  • Radius: 600
  • Skill cooldown: 30 seconds.
  • Allies cannot get the aura for 20 sec after the 8 seconds aura has expired or they had their 3 heals.

15.The trait Parasitic Contagion has been merged with the trait Plague Sending: After entering Shourd, when your first attack succesfully transfers two conditions you'll gain Parasitic Contagion Aura (Similar to Corrupters Defense and Vampiric Aura) when you exit shourd. Parasitic Contagion will now grant you 20% more healing power base on you condition damage. This will last for 8 seconds.

16.New triat for the Curses trait-line (to replace Plague Sending): When you get 5 or more conditions your shourds and shourds skills cooldown are reduce by 2 seconds. This has a cooldown of 18 seconds.

17.Tainted shackles will now apply 3 stacks of torment and root will activate sooner.

18.You will now cast Spiteful Spirit when entering and exiting Lich Form.

19.The trait Banshe's Wail has been removed and Warhorn skills have been change respectively:

  • Wail of Doom: Cooldown 25 seconds. Dazed for 3 seconds.
  • Locust Swarm: Cooldown 25 seconds. Swiftness for 15 seconds. Cripples foes for 3 seconds. Number of Impact and Duration to 15. Finally, Vigor has been added to this skill, which will last for 5 seconds.

20.New trait for Blood Magic (To replace Banshe's Wail): The passive trait from Death Magic - Soul Comprehension - has been moved to Blood Magic. This trait is not a passive trait anymore and the effectiveness of life force generation has been reduced to 15% from 20%. In addition, when your health drops to below 25% your healing power is increase by 120.

21.New passive trait for the second tier of Death Magic - Unchallenged - : This passive trait allows Skills and abilities, which grant life force, to not require a target anymore. You''ll get lifeforce when using the skill.

22.In the Soul Reaping trait line: The 15% shroud skill reduction from - Sinister Shroud - has been moved and added to the minor trait -Gluttony-. Sinister Shourd will now passively allow you to use dodges independently, when either in or out of shroud. These will recharge at different rates respectively.

This is my first post so let me know if there anything I can improve to make it more readable.

Also happy new year, if its not too late.

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Hello. Just wanted to ask which game mode you have mainly in mind for these changes.

Also want to say I'm not against the idea of merging unholy martyr with unholy sanctuary but the cooldown needs to be faster. At most 20 seconds.Currently martyr gives conversion of condis to LF on shroud exit which realistically can be triggered every 15 seconds or so.Changing it to 35 seconds is a big nerf despite everything else the new trait might be.I'm also not a fan of having on shroud enter or exit traits having a internal CD because it makes plays unpredictable like you don't know whether that trait is ready or not.It is more than sufficient to have them gated behind the shroud own CD.If an on shroud enter or exit trait has to be given its own ICD, it should always be pegged to a shroud flasher's realistic usage timing.

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@"EremiteAngel.9765" These are general changes for all modes, however I would like to push Core Necro to be more viable in these modes. Points 3, 16, 17 hopefully reflects this.

Regarding Unholy Martyr: Is the lethal blow that I'm concern with. Since Unholy Sanctuary is merge with this trait then to auto trigger Shroud every 20 seconds would be unpredictable, as you point out, and unbalance. Having a 30 second cooldown makes a 1 v 1 fight less dependant on AI. This is the case in other modes like WvW, for instance mayor fights don't happen every 20 seconds for the trait to be off cooldown. People wait for warrior's bubble which is every 90 sec. I could see this been an issue in PvP were fight come a lot more often, In this case I can recommend the player to time this trait with other skills with similar cooldown. For example if Spectral armor is in a 20 sec. cooldown and this trait is triggered then I know I have another 10 extra to count after Spetral armor is off cooldown. I wouldn't like to take away the "six sense" people have for this class. I can see the cooldown been too long at 35 and you are right that it should be less, so I would leave it at the default 30.

I'm also not sure which point/s are you refering to when you mention on shroud enter exit. So I'll explain 15, 16 and 22? For 15: You will get a visual feedback of the cooldown just like the trait Soul Bards. For 16: Well... I don't even have a name for this trait, so I guess this one needs to be a little bit more polishing, never the less I think its just a name and a way to know when the trait is off cooldown. For 22: The dodges have their own internal cooldown.

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o there is a but load of changes I want to see but the main keyword among them all is REVERT, basically reverting necro to a point between HoT post release and a LONG WHILE before PoF release is the place I want necro to be in but it is Anet we are talking about and Buffing and necro in the same sentence is not in their vocabulary

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can wait for the load of nerfs for necro to get in this coming year, and another year of not playing GW2!!!! so great or maybe they will continue with buffs BUT ARE ACTUALLY NERFS IN DISGUISE, wonder if they will keep it up that way? necro has a chance to be playable again when the next new elite spec comes out but with how gutted necro already is even that being completely OP might not be enough. and until necro is actually fun to play again and not a heaping pile of dumpster fire I will continue to only login for free living story episodes to play later if at all. shame I spent a lot of money on GW2 because it was fun when necro was fun

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