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State of Mesmer


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I'm discussing the state of Mesmer in a PvP/WvW setting.Sitting at around roughly 10k Mesmer games. Literally a Mesmer main both, In and out of PvP. You can catch me doing dungeons, PvE and WvW roaming at given times depending on my mood.

Currently mesmer is losing strengths as a mage. In this game, there is no dedicated support. Currently mages, in general can be devastating magic wielders capable of controlling the battle field with aoe or single target abilities, turning tides of fights with clutch use of spells. While some mages prefer a more modest approach by subsequently empowering allies through boons and general use of spells in ways of disruption, not always todo damage but merely to help and aid allies and team members or even counter enemy compositions. Mages are a major asset to any team while in WvW or PvP. Anet has allowed mages todo either job and has even given either the opportunity to influence fights as they deem fit. But only to make the builds have less team support and by patch notes over the past year, are making mages become more selfish overall. The question being, Why?

  • Bountiful Disillusionment: no longer applies boons to allies.
    Restorative Illusions should be looked at as a trait to counter condi builds and be support orientated, currently selfish. The trait should not only remove conditions from yourself but allies as well.

There are many ways of using a damage spec(either zerker or condi) to control fights, yes but they lack raw support if one wishes to spec themselves into it. Currently many skills in weapons for Mesmer in their arsenal that still are great on the surface but in reality are lackluster compared to that of gaurdian or elementalist. Who, effortlessly and mindlessly spam abilities whilst creating auras and boons for all their allies. Mesmer was capable of this, but in a different tune than the current music played by the other two boon sharing classes. Mesmer brought upon, things fury and might with Staff autos, in conjuction with chaos storms, time warps, and the proper use of daze as disruption, mesmer can just as well be a good aoe boon share class. So why can't they?

Currently mesmer is turning into a class that their only specialization is to run condi mirage. That really leaves no room for diversity and makes the game rather boring. The spice of life is to add choices for any player, for any gamer.I know Mesmer can be quite powerful with condi alone, given that Mesmer's kit naturally has alot of condi built into it, if chosen to specialize that way.But what about Mesmer that isn't condi? Support builds are being nerfed. And yet Condi still prevails as the superior choice of specialization for Mesmer.

Bring back ways for Mesmer to burst harder than currently.

Let's look at some current changes to Burst Mesmer within the past year.Power block no longer crits? Interrupting an enemy lost a lot of its strength.Lost time in conjuction with power block seems lackluster than previously. Slowing the enemy down is a condi that can be easily removed. But allows new instance of burst opportunity i will admit. With confounding suggestions being able to stun this would be a far stronger choice to opt into.

Shatter Storm: This trait takes the place of Compounding Power in the major adept tier and causes Mind Wrack to become a skill with 2 ammo.This trait has been quite interesting overall. Ever since the phantasm changes, this skill has definitely proven to be useful when shattering. I use to almost always instantly shatter my phantasms because they added to my clone count so i could empower my shatters further. Now they literally do attack the enemy and then spawn a clone, which is truly bizarre and untimely.

I Missed the confounding suggestions changes when the patch removed stuns from the trait, i remember i was the one who originally asked for confounding suggestions to have the dazes to gamble, with a chance to stun for stronger CC and shouldn't interfere with mesmer runes or stun duration sigils. Anet, surprisingly granted my wish. So what happened? Why does it no longer stun?

Things that would inherently bring burst mesmer to a proper power level

  1. would be to increase the number of might stacks Greatsword 2 currently gives while also generating an additional clone. Bringing back confounding suggestions back to a chance to stun.2.Mental Anguish: This trait should increase damage by an additional 5% in both instances.3.Blurred Frenzy: The blur should now last 1.5 seconds Or the damage changes to the weapon should be reverted. Along with you should be able to swap with the clone at its current location. Playing the game currently, compared to previously i was able to get off some cheeky blinks allowing me good mind games or to reach enemies or to escape. It would swap with your current position and the clones, to the top of skyscraping keeps, towers, hills, walls etc.Please bring this back.
  2. Critical Infusion: The trait now gives vigor for 3 seconds, being so the cooldown to proc this should be changed to 7 seconds.

With the game constantly evolving, mesmer needs better options to be a better mage that even means a better support options because we wanted to be a support! Or the option be a viable bursting class, to not be an over bearing 1 shotting mindwracking mesmer that snaps his fingers and you fall dead but a better opportunist mage capable of doing more than currently and isn't forced to be a condi class. The favoritism of condi mesmer is getting old. No wants to play vs them, in PvP or WvW. Currently the only thing one can do, is not fight them at all which isn't fun or counter them. Mesmer should be able to support if they want and should be able to deal raw damage if they choose to spec for it. Don't narrow mesmer down a road not all of us, care to walk.

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Nice to see someone not calling for across the board mesmer nerf. Many people have said condi mirage are a problem. There's only been one lately in wvw that has killed me and I could barely damage. Makes me think something else was going on. There are some hacks out there so I wonder if some of the condi mirage hate could be because of that? Or that person could have just been that good. Other than that one I haven't seen where condi mirage is just unkillable.

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