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Looking for any PVE focused Guild (Casual, PVE/PVX)


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Hello, I am a casual player looking to get back into the game after more than a year of not playing and moving on from BDO SEA.Currently looking for a chill guild that focuses on PVE that could help me learn more about raiding and clearing fractals etc. but I wouldn't mind if its just a new guild or whatever as long as we share the same goal.I can also WvW however my server is in Tarnished Coast.My current timezone is GMT+8 and hopefully I can find a community to play with in this game.

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@phs.6089 said:

@"Aldrin.7641" said:Still looking for guild.Thanks

GMT+8 is SEA if I'm not mistaken, look for Sparow's guils 'TIME'. They recently were recruiting

I had a friend that was a former member there, said they were pretty much "grouped" so other members are just treated more like "numbers" so I haven't given them a look.

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