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Better Bomb and Grenade Design


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I had a thought, so, like everyone on the internet, I decided to post it.Now, 'nades are like carpel tunnel syndrome on steroids to use effectively, mortar is no better, and bomb kit's theme is a suicide bomber.We all know this. Some think it's hilarious. Some think it's bad design.

So, why not:1) ... make Grenade skill 1 and mortar skill 1 not ground targeted?I mean, same projectile arc, same damage, maybe even make 'nades skill 1 throw only 1 or 2 grenades (but do more damage?).It'll make down time between the more powerful skills on those kits so much easier on my wrists. Seriously.It wouldn't even be that hard to add into the game since grenades already do this underwater.

2) ... add Big Ol' Bomb to the bomb kit's skills, increase all bomb damage and effects, and get rid of the auto attack?Hear me out.Thematically, a bomb is supposed to be something you plant, take cover, then deal massive area damage with.Grenades you actively throw. It makes no sense that many engineers suicidally plant bombs at their feet as a filler attack.

Now, engineers have this nice mechanic called a toolbelt skill.What if you:

  • changed bombs to have a longer fuse time ... say, 10 seconds?
  • make bombs slightly more powerful (daze and/or lightning field on Concussion Bomb, ethereal field on Glue Bomb)?
  • give it a toolbelt skill that can manually detonate all placed bombs in an radius around the engineer?
  • give said "Remote Detonator" skill more utility, and make it a stun break, another blast finisher, or something?
  • go one step further and make it so Big Ol' Bomb has a 0.25 second delay? That way, its blast finisher can be combo'd better with other combo fields in the bomb kit when detonated.I wouldn't include Evasive Powder Keg for this. That's fine on its own.

These changes will make Grenade Kit easier to use, Mortar Kit worthy of its elite status, and Bomb Kit more tactical in function. B)

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Honestly, there are two big problems with grenades and mortar kits rendering them problematic at range:

  1. Ground targeting - never feels good to use when it's every skill on the bar. On individual powerful skills, it's fine, but not ON EVERY SINGLE SKILL
  2. Flight times - At max range, both grenades and mortar kit have absurdly long flight times. Somebody with superspeed or swiftness out of combat can outrun these projectiles. At least grenades has a trait that can half the time, but that should be made baseline.

A simple solution to both these problems is turning the grenade kit into a grenade launcher, make the trait flight time baseline, and just allow you to change the ammo or reload. Mortar kit should become a rocket launcher that can be swapped into mortar mode for specific situations. But that's just my thought.

Bombs are a trickier matter. What you describe in the OP could be useful in PvP where you lay a bunch of bombs as traps, but it significantly reduces their effectiveness in PvE. The problem with bombs is that they're only useful in PvE currently, but modifying how they work could make them useless there without actually resolving the issue.

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