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QOL consideration for daily gathering of rich nodes

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I am certainly not the first to request it, and I am probably not going to be the last (unless I somehow manage to convince everyone :-) ) ...

Are the devs/decision makers willing to consider a change to the daily resetting of "rich nodes" from "24 hours after your account last gathered the node" to "The Daily Reset?

We have a daily reset that affects practically everything else that people do on a daily basis (daily quests, world bosses, guild hall gathering, etc. etc). And being forced to come back to 24:00:01 later than the last time I was here seems rather contrived and unnecessary. Surely the goal is to limit the gathering from to once per day, and I should be able to do this at any point within the day, as limited by The Daily Reset. Am I wrong about this?

What would need to be done to get this on the To Do List? Do we have to get a load of favourable responses in this thread from the player base? Do we need to somehow convince a Dev to take on such a project? Do we need to collect a load of negative publicity around the subject (I sincerely hope not)? Some combination of these, perhaps?

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