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My first legit hacker or is this map just broken?


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@"SteepledHat.1345" said:I was practicing some build variations in unranked when I got this lovely situation. Not sure if their duo buddy was hacking too. Heck, maybe the map is just broken. But there is no option to report hacking so I dunno what to do. Censored per forum rules. Full screens available if Anet wants them.


The red side of the beta map can enter the blue side and kill them. Anet fixed the red side by adding an invisible wall onto the pillar near the side of the spawn. They haven't done this with blue side so it's possible to enter the spawn two different ways:1) you take a class that has ports (targeted or non targeted doesn't matter) and you use swiftness to jump from the railing on the side of the stairs in the center area between the two spawns. Then you jump onto the little overhang in front of the spawn entrance, use the port on the platform above you (or if it's a targeted port like PT or JI, you target someone in the base) and then voila, you're inside.2) Take something like engi rifle 4, go all the way up the stairs in the center area and get on the railing near their base, you can use superspeed to jump onto the pillar, then rifle 5 to jump into the spawn.

It's one of the many things they still need to fix on that map.

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