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Fractals: list of "Map-ID <-> Name"


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I noticed that the maps-endpoint only returns "Fractals of the Mists" as the map-name for all fractals (https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/maps/951). As i needed to know the map-ids and names of the fractals i made this small list:

872 - Mistlock Observatory947 - Uncategorized Fractal948 - Snowblind Fractal949 - Swampland Fractal950 - Urban Battleground Fractal951 - Aquatic Ruins Fractal952 - Cliffside Fractal953 - Underground Facility Fractal954 - Volcanic Fractal955 - Molten Furnace956 - Aetherblade Retreat957 - Thaumanova Reactor958 - Solid Ocean Fractal959 - Molten Furnace960 - Aetherblade Retreat1164 - Chaos Fractal1177 - Nightmare1205 - Shattered Observatory1267 - Twilight Oasis1290 - Deepstone Fractal

I know that its not really hard to get those names but i thought i would post the list anyways in case somebody is looking for that information :wink:

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