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What to do with the upcoming offseason ?


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This is my first PvP season and i truly had a blast grinding ranked games this month and a half, but now the season end in 2 days and i dont know how to fill the gap for a whole month honestly."You can still play unranked" true, but even if i'm not primarly playing for that League chests were a non-negligible source of income for me, more importantly the level in unranked games is SO unbalanced, it's like the matchmaking will pair you with the first 9 players he find and let the circus show begin, it is very difficult to play an actually interesting & balanced match. Also, enough with the Djinn Dominion harassment already.Roaming in WvW feels meaningless, you waste most of your time running around looking for an opponent, and when you finally found one you better pray not to be killed by a mongoloid pewpew passing by and facerolling his keyboard 1K5 style.

Anyhow, i wanted to know how do you my fellow Pvp bois fill the gap between seasons ?

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