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Caladbolg Question *potential spoilers*

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If you haven't finished Hearts and Minds, and don't like spoilers, don't read further.

Hi all,

I finished Hearts and Minds on my second character, and the game has started into restoring Caladbolg again. However, the achievements are already done, so I'm not getting awarded the auto stuff, and the searchable stuff is also not showing when I go to it. To be honest, I was surprised it even offered the possibility of doing it again, but figured that if they'd give me another ascended greatsword, I'd take them up on it.

So is this not completeable a second time? Do I just ignore it?

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@Graymalkyn.8076 said:Thanks for the help everyone. Turns out I had most of the mats. Cost me less than 3 gold to craft it.

Small but critical rephrasing: you might have spent less than 3g on the TP (or vendors) to finish it, but the value of the mats used was still upwards of 30 gold.In some situations, in can be less expensive to sell the stuff you have in storage and buy finished items from the TP rather than craft from scratch. GW2 Efficiency, GW2TP, the wiki, and other sites can help those who care about saving a few gold in that way.

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