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Path of Fire Preparation Pack unavailabe in my region

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Hi, I'm missing out on a great deal with the Path of Fire Preparation Pack. It is not available for purchase in my region, Belgium.I know of the anti-gambling law here, which prevents us from buying 'loot boxes' in games.But when a package contains any Black Lion item, it is non-purchasable for me.Anet, isn't it possible to create 2 versions of a package? A version without a Black Lion item or replaced by something else, so that these versions don't break the law.Kind regards,SilverFox

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I think it might be helpful to edit your post to make it clear you're talking about black lion keys. Since the gem store is part of the Black Lion Trading Company technically any item sold there could be called a black lion item and unless people already know about the issues with Belgium and loot boxes it's not at all clear which item/s you referring to.

Also I agree. I don't understand why they throw black lion keys into so many of the gem store bundles. Well, I do; it's an easy way to pad out the pack and increase the price without actually giving anything extra except a few consumables or maybe a random skin and there's a chance someone will get drawn into the loot box system and buy more keys hoping for the drop they didn't get on the first 10 tries, but I don't think it's a good system. And while I'm not actually prevented from buying bundles which contain them I made the choice to never buy black lion keys which means any bundle which includes them is no longer an option for me either and Anet potentially lose a sale.

I'd love to see another version which doesn't include the keys. If they want to keep the price the same maybe put in Black Lion Statuettes instead.

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