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AFAIK this was supposed to be done right after the Beta ended. That makes sense. Many people erased their characters willing to transfer for free, so my question is how long is it going to take to leave ppl hanging for their money?

I see many bug fixes and that's great for those who can play, but the rest?

I can still see my Beta toons on my account. Anet hasn't commented on this so it makes me wonder do they ever plan on removing them? One can only conclude they do not want to allow free transfers.

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If you want to be able to transfer at no charge, you will have to make a ticket so the CS Team can assist you. At least, now they can assist you.There may be a bug that is preventing a global wipe, or some technical reason it hasn't happened. If you prefer to wait passively, rather than be pro-active, it may be a long wait.

Also, you might find it helpful to read the Forum Rules accessed via the 'Legal Documentation' link found below.

Good luck.

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