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"If I May Interrupt" Achievement

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To keep this simple,

I've been trying to do the 'If I May Interrupt" Achievement in Jahai Bluffs. It involves the Joko Impersonator's Break Bar but if you do not have the CC you fail the chance at the achievement. This is a PUBLIC Event so if people come without any CC it scales up the difficulty of the Break Bar so you expect them to put aside their DPS for CC for an Achievement and not to just succeed in the event.

Could this be fixed? Because not only do you have to deal with one Joko but throughout the fight he summons another clone of himself that does the same thing so now you have 2 Break Bars to deal with in hopes that everyone is on the same page to use their CC for the Break Bar.

I'm sorry but this is one of the most difficult achievements I've been trying to get. Could we at least get a strategy for this? Could we get some mercy that even if we miss a few break bars it doesn't kill the chance for half the people that are after the achievement then the other half that just came by to DPS an Event?

Much appreciated.

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This is the event type you do -not- want to ping in map chat.

Ask 2-3 friends to join, take time to sort your cc skills and DPS burst specs, read the wiki page beforehand to see what to expect.

Less players, easier to do due to scaling.

Fortunately the event is always ready to start due to lack of interest and resets in like 15min if it fails.DE rifle, spellbreaker cc machine, staff reveal herald shirk, holosmith, sword weaver are good picks

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I was so mad when I started doing it solo. It was hard but I got to around 50-60% and then 3-4 guys came out of nowhere, I couldn't break the bar alone and they used no cc at all and it failed :< Whyyy....

I probably would have failed on 2 joko's anyway, but damn...

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I did this with a raid squad. And even then we needed some attempts until we got the achievement. You don't just need cc, you also need dps. At some point Joko and his elite clone start taking turns with persuading as soon as the other one's breakbar got broken. Unless you kill the elite clone quickly you're guaranteed to run out of ccs no matter how many you bring.

So bring a raid squad, make sure you got tons of cc and dps and be prepared for some map-hopping so you get multiple tries.

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