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Fearless achievment

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I don't manage to do this achievment. I play elementalist, and all my CC skills are on one attunement while my burst skills are on another, which makes it very difficult to damage the mob in time when the cooldown becomes more than 50 seconds. I have a full zerk ascended stuff and can't afford to buy one with others stats... But I don't have any problem with changing my talents or utilities. Any idea how I could pass it?

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@"Kaltyn of Torbins Deep.2946" said:First question: Core ele, Tempest, or Weaver?I am most confortable on weaver but I don't mind changing for an achievment. I have both expansions and all specs unlocked at max.2nd question: What weapons are you using?Sword/Dagger. I can equip double dagger or staff if needed. No scepter or focus though, unfortunately.3rd question: Are you running Conjure Frost Bow or Conjure Lightning Hammer? What about Signet of Earth?I am generally running Signet of Earth because I was tired of dying all the time in open world events and solo content. I don't like conjured weapons so I don't usually use them but again, can do for an achievment.As a sylvari I can also equip the root racial, so there's that if needed. I also have the mistfire wolf if we can do something out of the chill it provides, but I'd say tornado hits harder on the CC.

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Fearless achievement is all about defiance bar management (blue bar which reduces on crowd control). As such, elementalist unless specifically built with cc in mind will have a harder time than some classes.

The important part is, while the enemy is not stunned (he gets stunned when you break his defiance bar and remains stunned only for a short amount of time) you should not attack him or he will gain stacks of his buff:

Hold your attacks when the Self-Doubt is not stunned as doing so can cause it to build stacks of Dynamic Damage Reduction, each stack reduce the damage it takes by 5% (20 stacks means it is entirely immune to damage). Only use CC here and save your burst for when the breakbar breaks.

  • dulfy guide

As such you must kite him while the defiance bar is regenerating and then use as few attacks as possible to break it again, then put damage on him. Make sure not to use pulsing direct attacks which linger or they might proc his buff.

The fight in general and the achievement in specific are designed to teach players about defiance bar management. Here is an instructional youtube video of a weaver doing the achievement:

Edit:Missed that you've completed it. Congratulations, going to leave the reply since it might help others on Elementalist.

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