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Taskbar over windowed fullscreen GW2

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Good morning, good afternoon or good evening to you.

I am Hoitou and I play in Windowed Fullscreen because I have a second screen and I like to switch between GW2 and other application. I am also used to play with the Action Camera option.

Since middle December, I've been encountering this issue where my cursor activate my taskbar when I use the Action Camera and move my mouse in the appropriate direction. It's pretty annoying because it cover my screen and if I click when my cursor in over the bar, I get out of the game and have to click on GW2 again to get back to the game.

It's king of hard to explain for me so I've made a quick video to show the issue :

Sorry for my poor english and thank you in advance for your help.Have a great day or great night !

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