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Why does this game not have an option to disable the game's skill prioritization system?

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The game has a system that will interrupt the skill you are casting if you queue up a skill that has a higher priority. This priority is set by the developers and at this point cannot be changed. To give an example if you cast lets say meteor shower and during the cast you click your heal skill, your meteor shower cast will cancel and it will instantly use your heal skill and put your meteor shower on cooldown. This does not only go for your heal skill, but also for skills that CC, blind, remove a boon, or give you an evade frame like blurred frenzie (sword 2 on mesmer). As far as I am aware there is no setting to disable this feature.

I am mainly raiding in this game, which is maybe a game mode where this skill prioritization system is not as usefull as in other game modes like pvp for example. Anyway I am find this system very annoying that it will cancel my cast skill because i click a heal/evade/blind/boon remove skill a few miliseconds too early which I want to use dps and not for its utility purpose.

Will a system like this ever be added in the game?

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