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[BoB] Brotherhood of Bogans, Large 18+ Australian/Oceanic Social PVX guild [NA] [MAG] RECRUITING


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You still lovely and need and oceanic guild to play with?Or on a 'oceanic' server and wonder why you are still roaming?Or even looking for that learning raid team?

No need too, join the BoB family...Join us in Maguuma and have a guild to run with in ocx times.Jump into one of our learning raid runs

See you soon

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Still so many ocx players (aussies, kiwis SEA players alike) fed up with dead servers, dead guilds have found their way to us... Have you being lookong for too long?

WvW: sick of being of a "unofficial aussie server" to only find you are roaming and they are nothing but closed off small partys joining together? Feeling like a number?Maguuma may be your answer with the home of the Brotherhood of Bogans, a large guild so you can be apart of a large zerg under one tag while being apart of a vibrant Australian Community. With also smaller groups active aswell for those that prefer to be apart of something larger.

Pve: sick of trying to find learning raids? Descent fractual groups? Even hp/meta trains that actually have a community behind them? Well BoB is your answer with fracts ran daily, raids twice a week now extending to three times per week and meta trains also few times per week.

Everything under one roof, so come and join your new home today

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