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Can the Sandswept Isles Trinkets not be unique?

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We're heading toward the 5th episode of the living story and, so far, the only map with Trinkets that have selectable PoF stats is Sandswept Isles. Everytime I want a Trinket with PoF stats I'm better off getting Mist ones on WvW because of how absurd it is to get some Griever/Marshal/Harrier trinket currently. Can you remove the Unique label from the Sandswep Isles trinkets so we can at least equip 2 rings and 2 accessories with PoF stats without having to go look for Mist Accessories or some obscure achievement?

Oh and Sandswept is always dead... Maybe this will liven up the place a bit...

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You can buy others using Trade Contracts which are easy to farm in the Tomb of Primeval Kings. Park several alts and run them through the area once daily. Six chests per toon per day adds up quickly. The trade contract vendor is also right there.

Also a great way to farm unid blue/green/yellow for salvage.

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@"phs.6089" said:I dunno why sandswept is dead for you, I go there quite often and see people doing things as you get really nice food with Difluorite.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bottle_of_Coconut_Milk

Everytime I go to Sandswept, I only see some people if Speciment Chamber is happening... And it's usually like 5 people.Zohaqan pre events? Always there... Nobody does it.Dominus Crystalus? By the time someone show up I usually have it down to 50% or less by myself.Bounties? Yeah, I guess, since it's a map daily. Goodluck doing more than one tho.

Not as dead as some Central Tyria maps, but definetely the most empty of all Living Story 4 maps...

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