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Bug Reports: LWS4 Episode 5: All or Nothing

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@"ReActif.9251" said:S4E5 - Hidden Chest Inaccessible [blue Room] Considered Outside the Room

As shown in the video below, one of the chests hidden in the blue room, is inaccessible because we can not make it appear.We notice that as soon as we approach its position and beyond an invisible line, the game removes the ability to use the "Light of Deldrimor" which will indicate not to find a chest because the game considers the zone as no longer part of the blue room.

No solution for the players to wait until the activation zone of the skill is corrected!

I usually just instance hop at that point and try my luck on getting one that's not in that position.

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@Locce.8405 said:Yep, I also got a wall-chest in the sauna (blue room) inside the small dead-end corridor (the showers?). Basically, I got the point-blank ping that usually opens the chest, but no such chest was visible and when I went only one step back it gave me the normal direction-ping again, so the chest was probably still closed and inside the wall.

I could even see the yellow text of the object's name in my case, but since it was inside the wall, it was impossible to interact with it.

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New bug after latest patch.Just did north meta event in Thunderhead Keep-during entire time whole area was under the effect of Fury of the Brand.No such thing there at previous meta which i have done with another character(done after the patch).Thank you for fixing finally focus collection,but rifle one is still bugged.There are problems with axe collection too.Can we have fixes for them too please?

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@Ashantara.8731 said:Since the patch, it often occurs that a Hidden Treasure Chest inside the catacombs spawns empty, i.e. it contains 0 loot for you. Even worse, on occasion, a chest would spawn inside a wall, unaccessable from any angle or side. :/

Please be so kind to fix this. <3

I've been doing this non-stop and the only missing one is the sauna room, and it's just one location. In cases where I thought it had zero loot, I realized later that I forgot that I had pressed [f] earlier to get the loop. I've not found any of the chests inside a wall. They have been on the other side of a wall, on top of something, and so on. They aren't just in corners or edges. They can be on top of stuff or in the middle of some rubble. Or on ramps.

If you are finding bugs, you have three options:

  • Use the /bug reporting feature. This automatically records your location, so if you stand right on top of the chest you think is a problem (or next to the wall you believe is in the way), ANet will be able to backtrack and reproduce the issue. If you don't do that, there's close to zero chance they can fix it.
  • Swap maps. Use LFG to join a meta group or someone porting to green or whatever they have going on. The hidden is unlikely to be in the same location, but will still be in the same general area, so you can get it.
  • Both. Report. And then swap maps.

I recommend that you do your original 3 rooms plus green room first, to make sure that you gain the max loot before running out of time (although I would hope that most people can finish with 5, 10, or even 15 minutes remaining on their LoD skills).

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@"Illconceived Was Na.9781": Your suggestions aren't worth much. It is not my job to artifically look for ways to make things work. The chests should work properly. I am not a fan of "looking for ports" anyway, so why should I risk losing my LoD for just one buggy chest?

By the way, no issues today after the patch, so perhaps it was fixed permanently? :)

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[Mission Bug] Dying for no reason, bad respawn points

This is the ninth character with whom I finished the final "All Or Nothing" mission, "The Crystal Dragon." I have never seen this happen before:

  • My character dies out of nowhere. No enemy in sight, no one attacking me - boom! Dead. :o
  • Where the Dredge ram open the wall and the boulders come crushing down: previously you could jump through the hole as soon as the path opened, now you have to wait until there isn't the slightest bit of movement from the rocks or else it will insta-kill you as well.

The best part: "Try again from the last Checkpoint" will send you somewhere far away with no way to reach your current destination (as the ley-line paths Aurene had opened no longer work). You can't use the griffon, either, to fly to the next platform because that will give you the "You are too close to Kralkatorrik" warning and ultimately kill you, too.

I had to go back to the Character Selection Screen to restart the mission from its map location, and only then would it send me to the right spot (of course, that means all your health/armor/weapon buffs that you could acquire at the beginning of the mission are gone and you also have to re-equip your Dragonsblood Spears).

@ReActif.9251 said:S4E5 - Hidden Chest Inaccessible [blue Room] Considered Outside the Room

I had one in Brechnar's Gauntlet yesterday, and one in the Sauna as well. But today, it seems fixed. :)

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@Ashantara.8731 said:@"Illconceived Was Na.9781": Your suggestions aren't worth much.To you? Maybe not. To me? Quite a lot, because unlike you, I'm not frustrated with the situation and I'm getting all the loot, well within the 30 minute period.

Further, the only way that ANet knows which locations are bugged is if someone tells them. "Someone" doesn't have to be you, of course. But if everyone waits for someone else, then I'm not sure how we can reasonably expect things to get fixed.

I do report a lot of the issues I've seen, but you'll note I'm not experiencing some of the issues you've claimed. I can't report those.

It is not my job to artifically look for ways to make things work.No, it's not. I'm not arguing that it's your job. I'm offering you the option.

The chests should work properly.Of course, everything should work in the first place. The reality is that bugs happen, both for good reasons and bad. Surely it's better to have options when that happens than be forced to wait.

I am not a fan of "looking for ports" anyway, so why should I risk losing my LoD for just one buggy chest?There's 0 risk; your LoD is maintained no matter how many times you swap maps and even if you use the waypoint and then re-enter the applicable area.

By the way, no issues today after the patch, so perhaps it was fixed permanently? :)No, the sauna room's inaccessible chest is still there. Present on two maps I was on; absent on one (didn't check the other two I visited, since by then, I already had that chest).

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@Faramir.3582 said:

Can confirm.Yesterday a chest inside the walls of blue room.Today empty chest in orange room,second chest in orange room gave me message-you already opened this chest today.And of course it was my first visit of the room.

Got an empty chest in orange room today and it was the first empty I got. Also had a wall chest a few days back in the blue room.

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@Chelsea.4721 said:

@Rivid.9628 said:Can't complete The Crystal Dragon- Assault on Kralkatorrik, when the cutscene finishes the game disconnects me.

Thanks for these reports. We are looking into this situation!

Same. I hope this gets fixed soon. I wanna finish the story!!!!

Same here! It disconnected me 4 times at the end cutscene. I finally gave up as it seems the devs seem to lack posting much with update responses to fixing the problem. what a shame that they are seeing the same problems with people and not at least responding much.

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I have to say I don't like the latest chapter. The zone might grow on me with time but on first experience, it is hard to navigate and things like the "simon-says" mastery and achievements just seem like a tedious way to delay me for a few hours.

Coming from someone who doesn't mind a little grind, the new weapon set locked behind a seemingly endless meta grind is off-putting. Why? well other grinds I could do at my own pace but having to hit 2 metas a day at the right time just seems a bit too much.

Having talked to guildies, I know this is fine for some players but for me, it is over the line. Coupled with a festival where the focus is on mastering useless games that have little bearing on normal content, this seems time for a break from the game. I'll be back at some point; I enjoy gw2 overall and I get that this is all that the devs can afford at this time, but it does leave me wondering if this game is going to last more than a year or two.


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As of the latest build, several supporting character skin maps have been replaced by a black and white grid... it seems all the story instances were affected as two of my levelling character story paths seem to suffer from the same trouble. A minister in the Human story path and Zojja in my Usuran story path were featureless. The pattern seems to be any secondary character in a cut-scene event... the first always is skinned correctly, the second and any subsequent ones have the base default grid black white skin applied.


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Finally got around to catching up on Living World this weekend, only to discover that I am prevented from completing it. I have twice now defeated Kralkatorik and each time after (what I presume) is the final cut scene have been returned to a "Disconnected from Server" screen. I have no idea what to do to bypass this...

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@Ordos.1752 said:when i get to what i think is the last fight. after you do all the crystals and krakatoric blast his magic and you stand in that shield it kinda destoys the area and you ahve to navigate to him to fight. when i get to thatt point my screen starts shaking slowly then builds up and shaking very fast. not the whole screen cause i can still see map and skills. on the map my direction indicator is going crazy. this is so frustating. i cant finish the episode because of it

I have the same problem only when i exit to character select and try to go back in my camera is still doing it. even if i change characters. the only way i can get it to stop it to log out compleatly. . I just hope that this gets fixed in the next patch, since it seems like in this thread only three of us have this problem.

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