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Connection Issues [Merged]

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I started getting the subject error on a daily basis sometime after the end of November patch. Usually it happens some time (few minutes to a few of hours) after starting GW2 client. It just pops up, and I click on OK and after that audio still works and video disappears. The only way out is to kill GW2 client using Win 10 taks manager and restart GW2. After that it is usually fine. I usually pvp and then get this error in the middle of the match which puts my team to a disadvantage even when i re-log quickly. For other cases (e.;g. fractals or open world) it is just annoying.

I've already repaired GW2 client, have latest video drivers but there was no effect. It still happens almost on a daily basis (for few days it did not happen). Anyone else having similar experience / problem?

Today I have noticed an error in Windows event logs related to DHCP client address lease exactly at the time the error popped up:"The IP address lease for the Network Card with network address {MAC address} has been denied by the DHCP server (The DHCP Server sent a DHCPNACK message)."So, my windows 10 DHCP client requested a lease of its current IP address (.199) from the DHCP server running on my router and got a decline from the server.

Above happened approximately one hour after my PC was booted so in my view the IP address lease period should not have expired yet. I can't tell whether that request was exactly sent by the client at the lease expiry moment or not. Will try to check that for the next reboot and put wireshark protocol analyzer to capture DHCP packets. Also, I have just reserved the IP address on my DHCP router, so the lease is now marked as permanent.

I hope it will fix the issue, but one never knows. I post here the result after next reboot with wireshark on. I just wanted to share this information with the community, perhaps it may help others too.

Anyway, my question to Anet is: What happens with GW2 client if DHCP client requests a new IP address? Would it cause the above error?

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I have just tested as follows:

  1. Boot Windows 10 PC
  2. Run cmd shell
  3. Run ipconfig /all in shell. It shows the IPv4 address with lease expiry in year 2155 (Note, .199 as was set on router as a reserved IP)
  4. Start GW2-64.exe, login, choose any character
  5. Run ipconfig /renew. This seem to have no effect as IP address was the unchanged and DHCP server returned DHCPACK
  6. Run ipconfig /release. This caused the error 58:11:5:535:101 with all effects as described in OP
  7. Run ipconfig/renew. No effect on GW2, had to kill it with task manager as described in OP

Although I did not replicate DHCPNACK scenario, to me above test confirms this error is related to a DHCP (at least to this, may be some other conditions that will result in the same code).The DHCP server on my router was setup with default lease period of 120 minutes and no IP address reservation.I increased the period to 2880 minutes (2 days) and I reserved a permanent IP address for the PC running GW2.The above setup will depend on the router you use, so I won't describe how it's done.Hope this may help some people.

NOTE: I forgot to mention, my PC is setup to obtain IP address automatically via DHCP. It may be obvious, but just wanted to state it explicitly as well.

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  • ArenaNet Staff

In order to consolidate reports of various connection issues, I'm creating a single thread for such reports.

If you are experiencing a connection issue -- cannot connect, get frequent disconnects, etc. -- please read through this thread to gain player insights and feel free to post about your issues, as well. I suggest that if you are experiencing the same issues as someone who previously posted in this thread, you quote their post in providing your report, so that we can easily see trends and growing issues.

Please share:

  • Your game world
  • Your general physical location
  • Your OS
  • A detailed description of the issue
  • The time the issue began
  • If the issue has been resolved, it would be wonderful if you would please quote your own comments and let us know that your situation has improved.

Thank you.

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@Lilly.5391 said:come on man dont yall like test patches first? cant log on now keeps kicking me......... Its not like rthis game is new yall should have this down by now....

This happens for every game and is caused by the high amount of players that try to open new instances at the same time. It's very hard to simulate that on a server, let alone test it.

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Fort Aspenwood

Western USA

Windows 10

I have really bad ping every time I try playing, and it's only this game. I've done all the basic things like resetting my router and what not, and every other game I play runs very smooth.

The issue has been consistent for about a week now.

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