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Diviner stats jewelry


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I've been looking at ways to acquire ascended Diviner's stats for jewelry and so far I found a vendor selling them for laurels, assaulter raid jewelry got them but the ascended jewelry from WvW/sPvP doesn't. Is this an oversight? I mean it does say central tyrian and maguuma but stats like plaquedoctors, grieving and harrier have been added to them as well and those are PoF stats, it's odd that Diviner's is being left out of them.

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@lodjur.1284 said:

@lodjur.1284 said:Only purchasable with timegated currencies is a joke.

LS3 and LS4 trinkets with selectable stats also has it

Did not expect that, thanks for the information. I had only checked the resetable ones you purchase with relics/shards/tickets which did not have it. Hopefully these too get updated.

Uh ... I just checked through the API so not 100% sure that will match.

All 3 Blood Ruby Items should have Diviner's

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