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Keg Brawl Game Play and Achieves

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While playing Winter's Day a few of us were discussing how it was a great addition that you could go in as a preset team to play with your friends and that we wished there were more mini games like this available for guild nights etc to have fun with just your guild etc.

Keg Brawl is another type of mini game that would be great if we could pre-go into private rooms to play with just our friends/guilds as a party or squad.

Often times in here you get people who come in just for achieves and either jump out of the playable area with the kegs, or fill it with alt accounts and bog down the match.

Also the achieves should be lowered; they are insane and yes some have gotten them done but that isn't really saying much as justification. The WvW ones were lowered so there is already a precedence for lowering amount and the Halloween Race was lowered in terms of how fast it needed to be to allow for more players to achieve it.

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