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BLC drops

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Before we get into this, i know RNG plays a certain roll here, but i want to see what others are getting.

I enjoy rolling the BLC's with each update we get, normally when the BLC's get updated i will roll between 50-100 keys ( this is my personal choice ) this time last year the chests where giving great returns, with wardrobe unlocks/weapons skins etc, from roughly last summer onwards they got progressively worse with each update, at Xmas when the chests got updated i ran the usual 100 keys, and the results where sketchy at best, today's update brought another BLC update, and i rolled the first 25 keys, and i didn't get anything from the uncommon or above, every drop was in the common category so i will not be rolling any more keys with this update,

I feel that ive used enough keys to get a feel that the chests are progressively getting worse, has anyone else that does keys on a consistent basis noticed the drops getting worse with each update, I personally will probably hold off on all keys for 6 months or so, to see if the magic RNG gets better, but it does seem really disappointing that it seems Anet has turned the drops to nothing to force more keys to be bought.

Please dont turn this into a don't buy keys they are a waste etc, people buying keys and other gem related items allowed the development of this game.

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I opened a fair amount of the chests pre-Wintersday, had very little luck, though I did get one lucky drop of three golden keys. (Saving them for the next gotta-have prize.)

The Wintersday chests had mostly lousy returns for me. (Probably opened no more than 20.)

I didn't care for the spectral weapons, didn't want to blow my saved keys trying to get the dragon glider, but in the end decided to use just four keys today. Got a cloth rack node with the second and the dragon glider with the fourth.

RNG is a twisted sister.

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