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Guild Hall is too small

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@Carighan.6758 said:Geez.

I mean, different strokes and all but I considered both Gilded Hollow and Lost Precipice to be much to large to be sensible, and even Windswept Haven is still far too large.

I want an actual guild hall. Something cozy. Manageable. Something where 90% isn't empty space never used other than to dump decorations into it and then promptly forget about them. A single house, with a single (not 156000342342342) scribing station, and so on.

Do you mean something like the Guild Inititive Headquarters in Lions Arch? Because if you removed all the decos from in there and maybe added a few more rooms, I would totally be down for that.

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@Lahmia.2193 said:On the contrary I'd say the first two Guild Halls were way too big.

I cannot agree on that. I find the Lost Precipice perfect. <3 You can have little gimmicks in hidden places etc. It is so much fun to explore!

Our guild even did a scavenger hunt once based on riddles hidden all over the place, with prizes for the top 3 winners. :)

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