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Elite Spec Idea: Demonborn- Transformation and Every legend has it's own energy


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I was thinking about something. What if every legend had it's own energy and could swap between them more freely, but as a trade off the energy regeneration was changed to be more active process with less passive regen.

I was thinking this elite Spec mechanics also Grant's access to 3 legends at once.

The new Legend is Menzies the Mad.This legend is lord of the demons, and can transform you into a behemoth demon like Deimos but with a large great axe, rampaging enemies in its way.

The Menzies legend works like Tablet in that you have to use a legend skill to transform and change back. The Transformation acts as a large upkeep skill that you gain energy while not transformed.

For other legends, weapon skills instead of costing energy, now generate energy since the passive regeneration is reduced. Management of your three bars with legend Swapping is important.

Demon form replaces skills 1-9. 0 transforms you into the form and back to normal.

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I love the idea od "Rampage" for Revenant with energy cost. I'd love to see that in-game. And I have to admit - Menzies seems like a good choice but I wouldn't go for the demons, more like his Shadow Army.

I don't really see the changes with energy. Revenant would need a whole revamp but it's better to stick to the current system.

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