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Griffin Mount Infinite Height Glitch

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Found this in Thunderhead Peaks, just south of Symphony's Haven; was able to go to the tippy top of the highest mountain with it.

It seems to be related to the windy gorge area where you're meant to have to slide down the hill, but seems on your griffin, you just keep getting pushed upwards.

tumblr_pl21gs0EK31qj0mh7o1_1280.jpgLocation where I started

tumblr_pl21gs0EK31qj0mh7o4_1280.jpgClimbing the mountain...

tumblr_pl21gs0EK31qj0mh7o3_1280.jpgVictory Jump at the top

tumblr_pl21gs0EK31qj0mh7o2_1280.jpgTotal travel trajectory

My attempted recreation

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