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Some Art from the past few months!


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I don't often post but since A certain site is deleting posts I thought I'd try to post more here!Yes All of these are human female but I love mine and my boyfriends main characters~ They're very much muses of mine and I draw them way too much! I'll also add a little insight on what I did for them :DThe One in Purple is My Necromancer Kannada TapaiThe One in Green is My Boyfriends Elementalist Thrylosmou!

Digital Pieces~ All were made with Clip studio paint!

yOYV8Al.pngCrummy day and I wanted to try to cheer myself up is all! Something quick and simple!

DJWJgqk.pngKatnnada and Thrylosmew A+ puns if I say so!

Some Traditional stuffs!

OnrVi2Q.jpgThis is the most recent piece I did of them! I always want to have more impactful scenes in my art, while not achieving that I think it shows how both me and my boyfriend fight in game. He is a Damage dealer who enjoys the fight, I'm a Support who worries and panics often.Done with Ohuhu Alcohol markers and some colored pencil!

0CLkg26.jpgKannada right after I found a look for her with some PoF armor! I was still working on how to draw her hairstyle correctly. This was with Ohuhu Alcohol markers!

SjoQOre.jpgThis one was a Christmas present for my boyfriend, I had forgotten where my scanner was so I had to rely on a phone picture on this one!Done with Liners, Posca paint pen in white and a little bit of colored pencil!

If you like these I post more art on twitter ;D!https://twitter.com/TapiocaLady

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