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[Bug] Personal Trader Express & Personal Merchant Express spawning

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First world problems, but why can't we open our Personal Merchant Express and Personal Trader Express at the same time and have to either switch zones or wait for one to die to open the other? And why if the merch is in the area and I try to interact with the item, it tells me that I already spawned it instead of just interacting with it, sometimes I use it and forget where it spawned. Even worse, sometimes someone has theirs out and I can't use mine unless I move. Why these two personal items even have to show up on the map and annoy people who see them and can't access them? This sometimes is done intentionally by trolls and put them on top of farming spots or crafting stations and make the interaction with these items terrible.

There are other personal merchant items like the Permanent Bank Access Express that do not show an NPC and just open your bank, and other items like the Tarrktun Personal Delivery Portal, the Mystic Forge Conduit, the Permanent Portable Provisioner, to name a few, that just open the vendor window without spawning an NPC.

Pretty sure it's an easy thing to fix and would make the use of these expensive personal items a more pleasant experience.



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