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[Suggestion] Converter Tab


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Currency; currency everywhere! Dust and oil and shards and ore by the bushel!

Thank goodness for eaters, gobblers, and converters! We have quite a few. So many that we need an eater-eater (or at least a Mystic Forge recipe to get compress 4 into 1...).Well, if we have a quibble about eater items and inventory bloat they cause, maybe we need a different solution to manage all these excess currency-killers.

Previously, I might have floated a good, conventional solution: Vendors. They exist on the home/capital maps, we visit them at our leisure, turn in some stuff and get some RNG bags in return. But, I saw a few pretty good points to the contrary: Vendors are usually planted in out-of-the-way, nonsensical places (looking at you, dungeon token vendor), and the more accretion currency you try to fight, the more vendors that eventually pollute your game space.

We've got a toybox, mount tab, 'n all that other stuff, so why not a tab for our currency eaters and some of those special currency vendors? No more need to wander Lobster's Arch trying to find some rando Asura hiding halfway in a bush or shuffling off to the bank to grab that armful of eater items! Just open the tab, choose the converter you want, and summon the vendor window!

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@"Illconceived Was Na.9781" said:I'd be happier if they just provided a vendor value for all the extra stuff, either 1c/item, 1s/stack or whatever. That way people can "delete" without feeling that it's a total waste, and without it having a noticeable impact on liquid gold income.

It really is the least we can ask for. Tremendously small difference, but getting worthless rewards and trying to hoard them until they become useful is what got us into needing eaters in the first place.

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