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Guild Wars 2 (EU) Discord Server.


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a Community discord server made for all the eu servers to socialize and share their things about guildwars 2 within discord, come join be a part of the community help out eachother, have a great time. Different sections from screenshots to videos, pvp & pve and much more. Server Role Assignment system - get your server as a role along with a color to it .

invite link : https://discord.gg/HYEdYNC

Enjoy .

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@"dacarab.3084" said:Hi, is this server still around? Getting "Invalid Invite" from the Discord side.


Greetings, the server is still indeed around, we are currently at around 400 members.


the first link was set to permanent so i arent certain of why it says invalid invite but i appreciate for notifying it, the link above should be working and is set to be permanent aswell .

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14-05-2021 - Link to discord is / should still be valid, just checked and successfully worked, We are now at 1,2K members and it is an honor to be able to have such community on discord, alot of rework happened with time, if u are a streamer u are more than welcome to write any mod / admin on the discord and get listed on the discord everytime u go live - we have no requirements to this other than u live up to the tos of the game / twitch ofcourse ( kinda obvious ) . Ideas & suggestions are welcomed aswell, server roles to pick manually to rep a main server & lots of other things, hope to see u around.

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