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[IDEA] Jalis, Glint and Thunderhead Peaks - Idle Dialogues


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Hey everyone,

I'm loving the new map and the harsh winter theme we are put into. This is a perfect occassion to add some cool Revsy stuff!

Don't you guys think Revenant could use 1 or 2 more dialogues with Glint + a special one when we get to Thunderhead Keep? Afterall it's a Brotherhood of the Dragon thing, so this would make perfect sense if Glint responded to it. Lately we've been hearing Glint more often and it would be great if Revenant got something from it. It's her, who taught us the Herald stuff and I guess the whole concept of Revenant. What a shame she only has 1 idle quote and it's an elite specialization, the very first one!I'd love to see 1 or 2 more added. Or let's say 1 + a bonus in Deldrimor Front.

  • (when first approaching Heart of the Forge or smth) It could be something as simple as that: "At last, you're here."Our respone:
  • "We shall crush Kralkatorrik once and for good."
  • "I wouldn't have made it without your help." or "I wouldn't have made it without your aid."

We already have something like this in-game with Kalla Scorchrazor - Going near her statue in Black Citadel makes her talk to us.

Additionaly - come on, give good guy Jalis Ironhammer a proper way of welcoming his land back. When entering Thunderhead Keep.(My suggestion)

  • "Feels good to be back!"
  • "I can feel the heat of the Forge again!"
  • "How I missed these cold walls!"

What do you think about this? I would love to have tons of ide dialogues with our legends. These are the opportunities to make it real!

Please fix the idle dialogues of Shiro with Sylvari and Charr.

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i will say it would be nice to have all the avitars talk in setten locations in this game like if we use centar and are over by the main centar camps and she say something like its nice to see home agen after so long. but you also have to remember any new dialog will make the devs work even harder and this could couse even more issues so even though its nice i can see it will be hard to do. none the less i do love your ideas.

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