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[NA][PvX] Lost Crusaders [LC] Small Guild looking to grow. Looking for more active players.


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The Lost Crusaders is a small and casual (but growing) PvX guild looking to expand into group content. We are looking for both new and vet players to join, and while active players are preferred, Being active is never a requirement. On most Saturdays and by informal scheduling (asking me/ an officer if an event could be set up) we do group content such as fractals, Guild missions, a dungeon, and more planned for the Future! This guild had a long period of inactivity, and is now slowly but surely regrowing. Active members can look forward to rising in the ranks quickly at the moment, as we have fewer active members currently and will need officers to manage things as the guild grows. If you have any questions please send me an in-game mail at Joker.1596 or contact my leading officer Cygulf.1067 and we'll do our best to answer them. If you'd like an invite, mail or a reply works. I hope you're willing to work with us!


-Friendly and helpful members

-Guild Hall

-Weekly Group content

-PvE content

-PvP and WvW content planned for future, though currently not enough guild interest.

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