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[EU] Veteran PvX player lf guild


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Current casual guild is bleeding out so for the sake of finding a guild that suits me, I'm going to try and make a serious attempt ;)

To get some basics out of the way first:nickname: evlover.6270, one of my 50+ chars is called Evlover as well so easy to mailWhy I label myself PvX:35k+ AP14k+ hours playtime50+ world compspvp rank 199 (on my last prof title, always ending up in high gold, suppose low/mid plat is about as high as I could go if I'd tryhard and stick to a decent prof)wvw rank 1225Oh, and I'm Belgian, almost 27y/o, got discord/TS3 although it's mostly just for listening unless my mother is out (cancer since 18y ago, entering late stages sadly so I'm gaming in the living room where she's resting most of the time)

My usual day is doing t4's with 2 other premades and 2 randoms (guildies? ^^ ), doing the HoT meta's, pinata, deathbranded shatt, an eye here, a foulbear there, some world comping in between timers, a daily ranked pvp (or sometimes half a day of pvp once in a while), an evening/night of wvw when I feel like it.

Looking to get into raids again from February onwards since I've never really bothered with those apart from a few times when w1 launched and some with a couple of old friends last Summer which was w1 + w4. Got just a bit above 50'ish LI but well, I don't mind finding a non-rep raiding guild. If your guild raids and doesn't mind giving a quick heads up, bonus, if it doesn't, no biggy.

What I'm looking for:A guild that's active in PvE content (like taxiing for bosses/meta's, t4's) and the other general stuff people do who've been playing the game for a while. I'm looking for a rather experienced/veteran guild but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to help out new people, we've all started with a lvl 1 someday. As long as they're willing to listen and pick things up (and preferably not quit the game 2 weeks after you've taught them everything :p )

By veterans, I don't mean "meta here, meta there" for everything. Sure you need the decent builds for raids and cm's but please, don't make a fuss about not having a chrono or top dps builds for t4's, who cares as long as you got a druid and can just chillax and get your daily fracts done without a hassle right? ;-)

The ideal guild would be something TxS-like but with the people actually having it as their main guild. Still in there pretty much since the start of it, but it was never really meant to be people's main guild and went inactive a long time ago due to a lack of challenging PvE content. But, somehow, looking at that guild roster still makes me wonder about how chill things would be if those would all commit to it.

Got exams now till the end of the month since I'm getting a 2nd degree while taking care of mom, so if you think your guild is what I'm looking for and you don't mind taking in an active veteran who's still willing to learn, just send me a mail ingame or whisper me. Still afk'ing meta's and doing daily t4's while studying so shouldn't take long to get a response. Easier than having to check forums ;-)

Oh, and btw, as far as professions go, I've pretty much played everything since I try to play different builds on all the alts. Versatility is my asset, but not having a "true" main is also my curse I guess. Despite my 14k playtime, highest amount on 1 char is only 1630 hours. But for fracts I mostly take reaper/tempest/chrono/druid and in wvw I like d/p daredevil or rifle deadeye ;-)

Cheers if you've read this till the end ;p

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