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New To Mesmer Seeking for Advice


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Hello! :D im Looking for a little bit of advice in terms of Mesmer i Mostly Played Elementalist so Far but the New Elite Spec doesnt really suit me( im not really a that good of a Player)i used my PoF Boost on a Mesmer a Lovely Class a shame that i didnt played it earlier already.But to come to the Point of my Thread i would like to play mesmer as a Chronomancer with sword/Shield as Prefference i researched a bit and know you need to have high Buff duration and such but the point of gearing really confuses me would be Greatly appreciated if someone could Point me in the right Direction.i Play Only really pve Open world meta events and Tier 1-2 Fractals(so far) but planing on trying higher one with few friends of mine

Many Thanks in Advance

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